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> Although CARB reporting is past the deadline to submit data for 2015, California is still accepting applications for 2013-2015 reporting and is expected to begin again in 2018.

Who needs to file CARB

What Ithos Does

Any company that manufactured, distributed or sold personal, household or industrial products in California, in any quantity needs to file for the 2015 Data Reporting for the Consumer Products Program. They must include their product ingredients and unit sales information for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Staying Compliant - Why Choose Ithos?

The universal feedback from companies that have filed with CARB is that it’s a lot of work and time, much more than estimated. At Ithos, we have classified thousands of substances for California’s definition of VOC. We warranty your filing. If CARB requests additional information, or has other requirements, we’ll take care of it. We work extensively with professionals at CARB and have built a great relationship –last year we helped customers file over 6,000 SKU’s.


Protecting confidentiality of your proprietary ingredient and formula information is built into our process and tools. We group and aggregate ingredient information to further protect your proprietary information. Our tools can also preserve ingredients for possible future mandatory CARB data filing, expected in the year 2018.


  • Structure, organize and cleanse formula, ingredient and sales data
  • Import data into our CARB tool
  • Organize product packaging and consolidate product label images
  • Group ingredient-level data to protect your proprietary information
  • Review data before submission of the CARB report
  • Assist with filing the completed survey, or file it on your behalf
  • Confirm receipt of survey by CARB

Simplified CARB Reporting

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More Information on CARB Data Reporting

As the “clean air agency” of California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulates emissions and gathers air quality data throughout the state. Through the survey, CARB staff members are gathering data related to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and non-VOC emissions for a broad range of consumer and commercial products sold or supplied for use in California during the 2013-2015 calendar years. The regulated products include a wide range of examples such as:

  • Household and Institutional Products (cleaners, polishers and laundry products)
  • Personal Care Products (deodorants, body washes, hair dyes, fragrances and many more)
  • Adhesives/Sealants (glues, laminates and caulk)

Note: Some product categories were made exempt from the 2015 CARB reporting requirement. Find the full list here.

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