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> Generate Regulatory Reports

Generate required reports in a fraction of the time with our flexible capabilities and editable templates to quickly deliver products to customers.


> Our customizable templates allow users to generate unique reports and meet specific formats of regulatory bodies, distributors and internal guidelines.


> Reduce inefficiencies related to compiling reports and save significant costs by automating reporting:

  • SDS - Generate GHS and CLP compliant SDS, and store them in the IIN


  • PIF - Generate Product Information Files (PIFs) that are required in many jurisdictions before a product can be sold there


  • Qual & Quant Tables - Generate a qualitative/ quantitative breakdown of your formula(s)


  • Ingredient Listings - Ability to submit formulas in our database and create an ingredient listing for the formulas, that will be generated in an editable word doc.

> Screen Ingredients for Compliance

Generate comprehensive ingredient screening reports that show the regulatory status of each ingredient in your current or potential formulas and indicate if they’re compliant, restricted or prohibited in the jurisdictions of your choice.


Get accurate ingredient information early on in formulation development and enter new markets confidently.

> Up-to-date global ingredient information in less time and in one location


> Comply with country-specific



> Decrease time spent on regulatory

research and analysis


> Easily identify restricted ingredients


> Avoid costly reformulations


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Ithos is an information management company that has a deep knowledge in regulatory legislation that provides both solutions and SaaS offerings. Ithos helps companies efficiently deliver regulatory compliance reports, decrease time to market, create safety documents, and organize regulatory information.