Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring

> Simplify the process of generating Safety Data Sheets (SDS), as well as other compliance documents. By providing cosmetic-specific SDSs on demand, you can maintain compliance in a fast and efficient way.

Benefits & Features

> SDSs tailored for the Cosmetic Industry

> SDSs are audited by Ithos’ regulatory team

> SDSs follow the 16 point guidelines for US GHS and EU GHS (CLP).

> Identifies appropriate Hazard Classifications and Statements for your cosmetic product.

> Customizable format to align with desired company template & include logo

> Support for EU and US documents

Represent Your Products  - The Right Way

At Ithos, we focus on Safety Data Sheets for the cosmetic industry, so that products are not misrepresented. We believe that SDSs for cosmetic products should not read like a Safety Data Sheet for a 55-gallon drum of an industrial chemical.


If you are working with a generic SDS-authoring company, you may be doing your products a disservice. Let Ithos handle your SDSs and represent your products properly. We utilize our software to generate the SDS and then our regulatory team analyzes the document.


Review the Safety Data Sheets with our regulatory team upon completion of the documents.

GHS and CLP Compliant SDS

What is GHS?

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) was created by the United Nations to create a single worldwide methodology for chemical classification, labeling and safety data sheets (SDS). The goal is to ensure that users are provided with practical, reliable and easy to understand information on chemical hazards, and can take the appropriate preventive and protective measures for their health and safety.


It is designed to replace the various classification and labeling standards used in different countries with consistent reporting criteria on a global level. Below are several noteworthy dates. Most countries have fully implemented GHS, including the US, EU member countries, South Korea, Japan, and parts of Australia.

Important Dates

Want more than our SDS service?


Find out more about receiving full time access to Ithos’ report writer tool, where our user-friendly template allows you to take control, organize and produce SDS with a just few clicks.

Find Out More

SDSs expire at different lengths of time for different countries, or may need to be updated as regulations change. Tell us your regulatory needs, and we will work with you so you can reach compliance.


Canada – GHS will be implemented in Canada in three phases; mandatory implementation for Manufacturers and Importers begins 6/1/2017, with a deadline for full GHS compliance of 5/31/2018.


Australia – The GHS became mandatory January 1, 2017, after a five year transitional period. The GHS was introduced under the model work health and safety laws on January 1, 2012.

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